“Z Vzhoda” – “From East” – Slovenian Documentary Film about the Early Slavs


5 responses to ““Z Vzhoda” – “From East” – Slovenian Documentary Film about the Early Slavs

  1. Very nice and interesting dokumentary, I am glad, then explains the lifestyle of Slavs, but I expected little bit more about the religion of Slavs. I think, the Slavs moved more souther like shows the documentary in 5th – 7th century. And wich language speaks teller?
    Thanks a lot.
    Pekný a zaujímavý dokumentárny film, som rada, že vysvetľuje život Slovanov, ale očakávala som trochu viac o náboženstve Slovanov. A myslím si, že sa sťahovali južnejšie v 5-7 storočí n.l. ako ukazuje dokumentár. Ešte ma zaujíma, akou rečou hovorí rozprávač?
    Ďakujem veľmi pekne!
    Zuzana, Nitra, Slovakia

  2. Where is Vasko?????
    Has he been arrested???

  3. Damned skopian fascists, arrested him.
    Get the above video from this, download link
    (copy all link at once) and use a downloader,
    because the size is, 285MB:

  4. Tsakiris Alexandros

    Yes he has been arrested because the skopian government thinks that he is an obstacle in their vanity to prove themselves something that is wrong. They will forget their own past and will try to create a new one by stealing the greek history.

    It is not a racial issue neither something ot argue about. Most of all I think I feel pitty for the slavs that get a propaganda about their past and have fear and hatred against a nation that never did any harm to them (Greece).

    Liking the greek history, reading greek documentaries, believing in ideals of the greek society is not bad. Greece is well known for the history worldwide. This is accepted. But trying to change history at any way is ridiculous and produces only hatred.

    I hope they release him and listen to what he has to say.

  5. All the Greeks we really support this rational man! All the supporters of freedom of speech we stand with him!!
    He just describe the truth and he pays the cost from his fanatic illeberal government! He has arrested without reason and trial against the basic human rights! Macedonia is obviously Greek!
    Greek TV has broadcasted his adventure and European Union learned about what happened…
    May God bless him!
    Greece and Serbia always united!!!

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