Martin Bernal’s “Black Athena” Promoted at Skoplje’s Book Fair [09-IV-2009]

The central promotion of the debunked magnum opus of Afrocentrism, “Black Athena” by Martin Bernal, during the Book Fair in Skoplje. Among the participant, apart from the author, were Rubin Zemon of “Evro-Balkan” institute, professor of philosophy Branislav Sarkanjac and Jordan Plevneš of the so-called “World Macedonian Congress”, all of whom openly displayed Pseudomacedonian nationalist motives for their admiration of this book.

2 responses to “Martin Bernal’s “Black Athena” Promoted at Skoplje’s Book Fair [09-IV-2009]

  1. Thessalonikeus

    No one else in the world gives anymore any kind of attention to this ..shit (=Black Athena) written by an idiot in order to attract attention! Only Skaopjanofascistobogomils thinks that they have discovered the America!!! Ridicules in all aspects of life! Ridicule fascists, as ridicules are the fascists always!!!!! Free World has anyway remedies for fascism and fascists!

  2. These people are in delirium. We have such people in Greece (Liakopoulos, Adonis etc, etc) too, but they are marginalized and by all means perceived by the majority of Greeks as awkward, stupid, retarded and in general people that when you watch them in TV you have to have your friends with beers and a lot of weed to make a laugh of them.

    It is in the resposibility of the people of Fyrom to create a disputation to these people, to put them at the margins of political life of your country and in general to resist indulging into a pointless hidious and vulgar extreem nationalism.

    I myself a Greek in consience, I am proud to believe that in the course of history I have received milions of different genes from all corners of the world and Greece as a crossroad of west and east has been a fermenting pot of different and exotic cultures. The child of this is contemporary Greece. A clearly distinguishable population and culture.

    Ideologies of the kind the people of this video adhere have been judged over 50 years ago in the second world war and proved wrong immoral and deadly. They are closelly related with Nazism of WWII Germany and the only difference is that in the place of Germany or Germanic they put another national adjective.

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