Serbian Scholar Gojko Subotić Confirms the Greek Character of Ohrid Archbishopric in Skoplje [28-IV-2009]

Serbian scholar Gojko Subotić, hosted by MANU*, states that the historical Ohrid Archbishopric had a Greek cultural character.

*”Makedonska Akademija na Naukite i Umetnostite” (“Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences”), highest academic institution of FYROM.


One response to “Serbian Scholar Gojko Subotić Confirms the Greek Character of Ohrid Archbishopric in Skoplje [28-IV-2009]

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece is optimistic about the name issue with Skopje.

    Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, have claimed to be optimistic about the future outcome of the name issue with Skopje.

    The Greek side, they claimed, is flanked by experienced diplomats, well known for their accomplishments in modern diplomatic history.

    The Greek interlocutor in the past had been entrusted with the task of solving the issue of the pending parking tickets issued by the Mayor of New York to Greek Diplomats, for illegal parking, which amounted to $550.000.

    The Greek Side, claimed that “the diplomats wouldn’t be obliged to pay, because no measures could be taken against them, due to Vienna Convention for Diplomatic Relations”.

    The Mayor of New York sent the bill to the State Department. The Greek side continued to be confident. The State Department transmitted the bill to Ministry of Defense. The Greek side started questioning “There is something fishy about it..”.

    Then they heard the news “All scholarships to Greek military personnel for training in the U.S. is suspended until the $550.000 parking ticked is paid to the Mayor of New York”.

    The Greek side became anxious about the turnout of the issue. The charged the experienced interlocutor to start negotiations about the amount to be paid. “How about paying you $400.000 and we stop talking?”, “how about paying you $400.000 now and the remaining $150.000 is paid in 99 years?”, “how about paying now the whole amount minus 10%?”, “how about paying you in Panama Canal bonds?”, “how about not paying, but you to be free to park where you like in the center of Athens without getting parking tickets?”.

    After receiving “No”s about a hundred times (2005-2006), the Greek side paid $550.000. The illegally parked cars’ owners were never called to reimburse the Greek tax payers money of $550.000 corresponding to their respective illegal parking practices.

    The other strong weapon of the Greek diplomacy is the Supreme Service Council (“Anotato Ypiresiako Symboulio). It is comprised of high ranking diplomats (even retired ones, some of them very old, invalid or close to dying). The new clauses of the reformed status Law of the Foreign Ministry stipulate “that the low rank officials whose case is brought before the Supreme Service Council, have no right whatsoever to be represented before such a council even is the said council is ready to kick them out of the service for grounds of incompetence. In such cases, even the Foreign Minister cannot modify the Council’s decision”.

    Retired ex diplomats, aged between 70 and 87, (experienced in persecuting young diplomats) that constitute “the Greek Foreign Minister’s elite advisory group”, have claimed that Greece shall come victorious in the name dispute with Skopje, if the latter ever decides that the issue shall be discussed and determined exclusively within the “Supreme Service Council” of the Foreign Ministry of Greece.

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