The “Slavic Philhellenic Network” shall became defunct on 31th of May 2009.

The decision to disband the SPN, the Skoplje-based organization established as an informal body of students in November 2008 to counteract Anti-Greek propaganda, Slavophobia and Fascist ideology of Gruevism was reached today at a working meeting of the four members committee. This decision was based on mutual convergence of attitudes regarding the organization’s specific mission in place and time. It was agreed that the organization fulfilled its mission against Anti-Hellenism and Anti-Slavism produced by the current regime in Skoplje. The organization authored 4 memos send to over 300 politicians, journalists and scholars in Russia, Europe and North America. It’s distribution of leaflets in Skoplje and Kumanovo can be considered successful. The blog of the organization, syndicated on over 60 sites, was widely read in FYROM and abroad and generated much positive feedback. Attempts to discredit the organization orchestrated by the Security Services of the Pseudomacedonian state proved unsuccessful. Nevertheless, recognizing the “spirit of present times” we, the members of the SPN, decided to disband the organization and continue with our Philhellenic cause on individual basis.

We wish to extend our gratitude to all individuals who supported us morally and spiritually

CCD of the Slavic Philhellenic Network,
Skoplje, May 30th 2009


3 responses to “The “Slavic Philhellenic Network” shall became defunct on 31th of May 2009.

  1. Very sorry of what i read….
    Keep up the good work as individuals.
    Keep standing for truth and freedom.
    Last minute news…..
    i just hear from the news at:
    the new fascist song «Grci Katili»
    (Έλληνες δολοφόνοι)with Orce Stevskovski
    what a shame for this stupidity……..
    Playing with fire, sometimes burns the ignorant !!
    Hellas, gives so much money to these idiots.
    They bite the feeding hand of Greece/Hellas.

  2. It’s sad..this decision.. Stoping would only help Gruevski..I guess once things start boiling again u’ll show up. We say: power is in uniting!

  3. George P. Flessas

    Dear Friends

    It is a pity that you disbanded your network ! Let me know of your news.

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