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Slavic Wikipedia Projects About Ancient Macedonia: Their Objective Content

It appears that propaganda from FYROM does not reflects even in Wikipedia projects in Slavic languages. Although it is certain that the teams of authors who worked on them were well aware of the so-called “arguments” which are systematically exported from FYROM, on all of Wikipedia Slavic websites objectivity has been placed forward and sustained.


“Starożytni Macedończycy byli spokrewnieni z Grekami, którzy jednak zaliczali ich do barbarzyńców. Mimo to dopuszczali Macedończyków do igrzysk olimpijskich. W odróżnieniu od większości greckich państw Macedonia była monarchią”.

“Ancient Macedonians were of the same race as Greeks, who once compared them to barbarians. Regardless of that, they allowed Macedonians into the Olympic Games. In comparisons from the majority of Greek states Macedonia was a monarchy”.


“Někteří historikové označují Makedonce za potomky několika různých národů – Frygů, Thráků a Ilyrů – nemajících žádné vazby na Řeky. Avšak většina moderních vědců se kloní k názoru, že Makedonce je třeba považovat za jeden z řeckých kmenů”.

“Few historians consider Macedonians to be descendants of several various people-Brygians, Thracian and Illyrians, having no relations to Greece. Nevertheless, the majority of present-day scholars is inclined to the view that Macedonians should be considered for one of the Greek entities.”



«Греческое» или «эллинское» происхождение древних македонян оспаривается в одностороннем порядке современным государством Македония. Понятия «эллин» и «македонянин» принято различать, подразумевая основание Македонии как отдельного государства мигрировавшими греками.

“Greek”or “Hellenic” ancestry of ancient Macedonians is denied into the one-sided order of today’s modern state of Macedonia. (Although) the terms “Hellene” and “Macedonian” are sometimes different, it is understood that Macedonia is founded as a separate state of migrating Greeks.



“Macedónia zostávala storočia na periférii gréckeho sveta”.

“Macedonia was a backward area on the periphery of Greek world”.

“Miestny jazyk (staroveká macedónčina) bol jedným zo starogréckych jazykov a pravdepodobne pochádzal zo skupiny severozápadných gréckych dialektov”.

“The native language (the ancient Macedonian) was one of the old Greek languages, and by its nature belonged to the group of northwestern Greek dialects”


“Makedonija (od grč. Μακεδονία) je bio naziv antičkog kraljevstva koje se nalazilo na najsevernijem delu antičke Grčke, koje se na zapadu graničilo s Epirom, a na istoku s Trakijom”.

“Macedonia (from Gr. Μακεδονία) was the name of an ancient kingdom which was located at the northernmost part of ancient Greece, which was bordered by Epirus at the west and with Thrace at the East”.


Известие за акцијата на СФМ – A Report About the Action of SPN

СФМ известува дека вчера, на подрачјето на три општини во град Скопје беа разделени над 4.000 примероци на официјалниот проглас насловен “Со кои побуди се создава антигрчко расположение?”. Акцијата, превземена во согласност со начелото на  СФМ за квалитетно и ефикасно известување на граѓаните за политички исценираниот судир со Грција и неговата псевдоисториографска подлога, ја докажа спремноста на организираните Словени да се спротистават на фашизоидната, монструзна идеологија на Псевдомакедонизмот. Достоинствено и ефикасно изведеното распространување на летоците “Словенската Филхеленска Мрежа“ го оценува како успех, безразлично од малиот просторен обем и број на граѓани засегнати со оваа иницијална акција. СФМ ја повикува критички настроената интелектуална јавност да изнурне од притаеноста во тишина и постави основи за спротиставување на изобличувањето и гнетот на разумот спроведувани во вид на сепристатна политичка и културна доктринална пракса.

SPN announces that yesterday, in three municipalities of Skoplje more than 4,000 specimens of the official proclamation entitled “With What Motives an Anti-Greek Disposition is Created?” were distributed. The action, taken in agreement with the principle of the SPN for high-quality and efficient information of the citizens about the politically staged conflict with Greece and its pseudohistorigraphical basis, proved the readiness of the organized Slavs to resist the fascistic, monstrous ideology of Pseudomacedonism. The dignified and efficient distribution of the leaflets is judged by the “Slavic Philhellenic Network” as a success regardless of the limited area and number of citizens contacted with this initial action. The SPN calls the critically intellectual public to dive out of hiding into silence and establish bases for opposition to the deformation and tyranny of the mind performed as an all-pervading political and cultural doctrinal practice.

Слики од поставените летоци на јавни места во Скопје – Pictures of the leaflets placed at public places in Skoplje: