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Branko Geroski Criticizes the Dogmatism of FYROMian Government [16-IV-2009]

Branko Geroski, editor-in-chief of “Sega” weekly, attacks the stubborn lack of desire by the Government of FYROM to find a compromise solution in the name dispute between Skoplje and Athens.


Lazar Elenovski Calls for Compromise on the Name Dispute with Greece [14-IV-2009]

Lazar Elenovski, a centrist political leader and former FYROMian Minister of Defense urges for compromise with Greece with regard to the name dispute at a conference of local Euro-Atlantists.

Professor and Writer Jasna Kotevska Against Pseudomacedonism [08-II-2009]

Jasna Kotevska gives her opinion about the Pseudomacedonian fascist regime, making parallels with other totalitarian regimes, in an interview by A1’s Biljana Sekulovska.

Antifascist, Anti-VMRO Demonstrations by Liberal Youth in Skoplje [11-IV-2009]

A display of opposition by antifascist youth composed of moderate, centrist, liberal and libertarian intellectuals in defiance of Pseudomacedonian fascist policies of the regime of VMRO-DPMNE.

Tito Petkovski Speaks About the Absurdities of FYROMian Politics [07-IV-2009]

Tito Petkovski, a veteran leftist politician, speaks after his defeat in the race for office of Skoplje’s Mayor.

Ljubomir Frčkovski’s Statements on the Nature of FYROMian Tyrannical Regime

“Dnevnik”, daily newspaper [FYROM], 16-XII-2008

“The New Brave World” by Ljubomir Frčkovski


“The authoritarian character of the new government in Macedonia* is untwisting through usurpation of basically two human rights and via three instruments for torture. The right to property is under devastating attack, the absolute sacrosanctness of the private property is under pressure of the “organistically” understood nation, represented by the “organization” (VMRO-Vasko), which has a great support in the moment by the nation. In this primitive communitarian concept the rights of the nation are dominant over those of the individual, and they are enforced through threats (real or potential), through the police, DBK (State Security Agency-Vasko) and (unfortunately) the judiciary.”


“The catastrophic organistic experience of the Macedonian** politics, against all expectations, will leave little for the future. It will leave behind the devastated, shameful judiciary, which is instrumentalised for their persecution. They will leave the “civility” to rise from its knees. It will have to shake the dust of the organicism from its shoulders, of the quasi “Macedonhood” from Paleolithic times, of being lost in the Universe. The individual rights will have to recover from the strike of the “people’s will” – the fist of VMRO.”

** Pseudomacedonian