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Đoko Slijepčević, “The Macedonian Question”, Chicago 1958

The monograph “The Macedonian Question” by the exiled Serbian historian and Germanist Đoko Slijepčević, published in 1958 in Chicago represents a classic synthesis of historical and ethnological aspects of Slavic identity in Povardarje, with emphasis on its Serbian aspect which is often neglected in modern-day discourse due to the far greater quantity of Bulgarian and Pseudomacedonian publications in English language dealing with the issue. Although it is dated in some aspects and deficient in review of archeological material and the issue of Hellenism of Macedonia proper, author’s reliance on well-established fact and erudition with regard to Povardarje’s history, especially the medieval period, emergence of 19th century Bulgarian Revival on the area of FYROM and Ecclesiastic History, including the early separatism of what is today known as the so-called “Macedonian Orthodox Church” make this book a worthy addition in every historical research.

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The Names of Famous Macedonians on Public Signs in FYROM Scrawled with Spray Paint [06-V-2009]

News segment which presents the conclusion from the Greek newspaper “Ethnos” about the name dispute between Skoplje and Athens, the news about spray-painting over the names of famous Ancient Macedonians on public signs in FYROM and the news about meeting of Đorđe Ivanov and Antonio Milošoski.

Miroslav Grčev, an Architect, About the Monument of Alexander in Skoplje [06-V-2009]

Taken from the website of Bulgarian Press Agency “Bgnes”.


Според архитекта Мирослав Гърчев този паметник “е пълен нонсенс”. “Вече никой не си задава въпроса за това каква е логиката за този паметник, какво е посланието му, какъв е смисълът от поставянето на този гигантски паметник точно на Александър Македонски и неговия кон. Поставянето на толкова голям паметник на този малък площад не е оправдано, нито от естетическа, нито от архитектурна гледна точка, да не говорим за цивилизационна”, казва още Гърчев. Според него подобни паметници намират място само в авторитарни общества, на деспоти, на диктатури, на тирани от най-различен произход – фашистки, комунистически или от някоя друга идеология. Последните подобни паметници в света са построени от Садам Хюсейн. Такива гигантски паметници има само в Монголия, Северна Корея. В историята на нито една балканска страна, включително и на Македония няма подобни неща”, каза с възмущение Гърчев. Според него тази инициатива представлява и “престъпление срещу изкуството”.

According to the architect Miroslav Grčev that monument is a “full nonsense”. “Nobody is asking himself what is the logic of that monument, what is its message, what is the meaning of placement of that gigantic monument precisely of Alexander of Macedon and his horse. Placement of such large monument on that tiny square is not justified, neither from aesthetic, nor from architectural viewpoint, not to mention the civilizational one”, says Grčev. According to him, similar monument are finding their place only in authoritarian societies, of despots, of dictatorships, of tyrants of all kind of origins-Fascist, Communist or from some other ideology. The last monuments of that kind in the world were build from Saddam Husein. Such gigantic monuments can be found only in Mongolia, North Korea. In the history of neither Balkan land, including Macedonia there are no similar things”, says Grčev with anger. According to him that initiative represents also a “crime against the art”

Lazar Elenovski Calls for Compromise on the Name Dispute with Greece [14-IV-2009]

Lazar Elenovski, a centrist political leader and former FYROMian Minister of Defense urges for compromise with Greece with regard to the name dispute at a conference of local Euro-Atlantists.

Professor and Writer Jasna Kotevska Against Pseudomacedonism [08-II-2009]

Jasna Kotevska gives her opinion about the Pseudomacedonian fascist regime, making parallels with other totalitarian regimes, in an interview by A1’s Biljana Sekulovska.

Martin Bernal’s “Black Athena” Promoted at Skoplje’s Book Fair [09-IV-2009]

The central promotion of the debunked magnum opus of Afrocentrism, “Black Athena” by Martin Bernal, during the Book Fair in Skoplje. Among the participant, apart from the author, were Rubin Zemon of “Evro-Balkan” institute, professor of philosophy Branislav Sarkanjac and Jordan Plevneš of the so-called “World Macedonian Congress”, all of whom openly displayed Pseudomacedonian nationalist motives for their admiration of this book.

Tito Petkovski Speaks About the Absurdities of FYROMian Politics [07-IV-2009]

Tito Petkovski, a veteran leftist politician, speaks after his defeat in the race for office of Skoplje’s Mayor.