FYROM’s Kanal5 TV: The Big Lie Technique Employed [14-III-2009]

FYROM’s high-rating, Skoplje-based Kanal5 TV claims that a Greek diplomat confirms existence of 2.500.000 “ethnic Macedonians” in Greece. In reality, a verbal deception worthy of Goebbels has been made in order to create an implausible assertion: take a look.

The introduction from the 17.00 o’clock news, 14-March-2009:

This afternoon in Voden*, at a press-conference, the chief of the Greek diplomacy shall explain to the journalist what she spoke to our people (sic) at the meeting in Voden. The Greek Government, regardless of the recommendations from the report of Gay McDougall, which were yesterday presented before the members of the Council for Human Rights, nevertheless remained on attitude that no Macedonians in Greece exist. According the the Greek representative in Geneva, the interference of our country and the encouragement of 2.500.000 people in Greece to confirm that they are Macedonians will bring a serious confusion and potential crash of their identity.



5 responses to “FYROM’s Kanal5 TV: The Big Lie Technique Employed [14-III-2009]

  1. In Greek Western Macedonia, there are some three thousands (3.000, tri hiljade) descendants of the Karabugarian Slavic Exarchist, and the 200 of them are well payed agents of Soros, Skopje and Turkey. The rest hope to be registered in the pay-roll list also, someday. This is the notorious minority, called by skopjan idiots “a macedonian one”! Greece has no hesitation to recognize these 3.000 agents and glupci as a minority, but under these presuppositions:
    1) That they will recognize their true ethnic character, which is Karabugarian Slovenic!
    2) Fyrom, while is still exists, will recognize the Greeks there, in Povardarje, as a greek minority!
    3) An independent census, inspected by EU, will take place, both in Greek Macedonia and in Fyrom, at the same day, in order to count the real numbers of the minorities: the Karabugarian in Greece, the Greek in Povardarje! We challenge Fyrom to accept this proposal if it dares!
    If the local remnants of Karabugarism-Exarchobogomilism will insist in their paranoic, vulgar and audacious effort to usurpate the name and the tradition of the 3,5 greek macedonians worldwide then they will the only responsibles for the forthcoming consequences!

  2. Seems like the skopjans discovered… macedonians in macedonia (!)

  3. Congratulations on your blog.
    You are a breath of fresh air.
    Makedonia is Greece!!

  4. Am I… a minority in my country.. and I dont know it? lol lol 🙂

    Also.. if Rainbow Party with 3,500 votes in the last elections represents the Macedonians… then why other 2,5 millions dont vote for it?
    Minorities gone crazy! lol lol 🙂

    Macedonia for Macedonians… the real ones.

  5. Well in yesterdays election the “Rainbow” party of the Skopjans got 0,10% a very very small % for 2,5 million people right?They re about 4.000. Or 5.000 with kids under 18. That makes them a village? Are villages minorities? Lol they’re funny!

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